ZoomInfo — Slow Down. You're Moving Too Fast.

VanillaSoft CEO David Hood was a keynote speaker at the ZoomInfo Growth Acceleration Summit, along with other speakers such as Magic Johnson, Neil Patel, Trish Bertuzzi, Matt Heinz, Grant Cardone, Keenan, Jay Baer, Mark Hunter, and Lori Richardson. As you can see, it was quite the collection of thought leaders.

David specifically talked about the insights learned from VanillaSoft's joint study with the University of Ottawa where we studied over 130 million sales interactions. This includes key benchmarks such as:

  • How soon should you call a new web lead? Is it really the mythical 5 minutes or is that wrong?
  • When is the best day, and best time of day, to call if you want a positive outcome?
  • Should you make more, or less, call attempts to be successful?
  • What is the optimal cadence to successfully engage with a prospect?
  • How many attempts does it really take to connect with a prospect?

If you want to optimize your sales development and qualification processes, check out the video. Any one of these insights could make a dramatic difference in your sales success.